Vehicle and MLO Requests

Legend Tier and above may request one of the following items after 2 months of Legend+ subscription and every 2 months there after:

  1. Vehicle Import - We request that you send "add-on" vehicles only. Model approval will be on a case-by-case basis but management will do it's best to work with you to find the right files that work with the server (optimized, etc). Vehicle imports will be allotted a limited purchase quantity at the Platinum Cars dealership. You are guaranteed the right to purchase one of these using your earned in-game currency. Keep in mind, imports sell for much more money via 3rd parties after it is initially imported into the city.
  2. MLO (Map file) - We request that you only submit MLO files with your request and no YMAP or Menyoo maps. MLOs are most of the time optimized but may require some additional work to merge with the rest of our existing MLO offerings. Some MLOs may be denied due to texture issues, etc. MLO files that add an additional housing or business interior, with open doors, will be listed using our business system. Alternatively, MLOs that require a teleport to access, can be listed using our housing system. Information on both systems can be found here. In-game currency that you earn must be used to purchase the properties through this system.

Please allow for 1-3 weeks for management to add your requested vehicle or MLO to the server. Often times, these requests take several hours to complete due to optimization requirements and other on-going development and day-to-day maintenance. One person handles all requests, support tickets, new development, maintenance, etc. Requests can be made using the ticket system within the #questions Discord channel.