Daily Stipend

Stipend is a great way to supplement your in-game paychecks and help pay for rent or taxes while you are offline. If you are already logged into the server at the time of purchase, please re-join the server so that the server properly sets your group in-game. Manual stipends will not be issued if this step is not followed.

In-game inactivity of more than 2 days will pause stipend payments for all subsequent days. Log into your character every other day to continue stipend payments for the following days. Stipends are paid to the most recently played character only.

Payments are made every morning at 8AM EST. 

Additional supplemental stipend offerings exist as follows (these stack on top of your normal stipend payment):
- Discord Nitro Booster (1 boost): $1000
- Discord Loyalty 1: $500
- Discord Loyalty 2: $1000
- Discord Loyalty 3: $2000

New Members get $5000 daily stipend for the first 3 days unless they have subscribed to an official backer package.

Purchase a backer package here for eligibility.