What is stipend?

On average, players make $2.5-10K every 6 hours of gameplay for one of the available in-game jobs. This equates to $6.5-40K per day if you play for 24 hours straight. In-game job paychecks are issued every 12 minutes while in-game. Stipend is a great way to supplement this and help pay for rent or taxes while you are offline. Please run the !tebex:claim command in Discord and login to the FiveM server after making your subscription purchase on Tebex. Doing so will ensure your character has the correct group assigned and your daily stipend will be paid at the next 8AM EST cycle. If you are already logged into the server at the time of purchase, please re-join the server so that we can properly set the proper group in-game. Manual stipends will not be issued if these steps are not followed. Lastly, in-game inactivity of more than 5 days will pause stipend payments for subsequent days. Please log into your character at least once every 5 days to continue stipend payments. Stipends are only paid to the most recent character you played on.