Vehicle Import - 1 of 1

100.00 USD

Package Description

IMPORTANT: We only accept "Lore-Friendly" vehicle import requests. This means, no real life brand names or logos.

Purchase this package to request a new 1 of 1 vehicle import for the city. We ask that you send "add-on" vehicles only and approval will be on a case-by-case basis depending on server balance and direction.

This package covers the development time spent optimizing the vehicle textures, LODs, handling and configuring it to be compatible with our server framework, vehicle parts system and more. Our developer will work with you 1 on 1 to make sure a compatible vehicle is selected.

Please allow up to a month for our design/development team to implement this request.

This vehicle will be priced based on other vehicles already in the city and you must use your in-game funds to purchase it. This package offers 1 copy of the vehicle and no further copies of the vehicle will be sold in the server as long as 1 total exist in the server. If the 1 copy of the vehicle is deleted, another will be available for sale at PDM automatically at the next 4PM server restart cycle. You have first right to purchase the 1 copy of the vehicle.

After purchasing this package, please open a Tebex Purchase Redemption ticket in Discord and provide us with the Tebex transaction number and the vehicle files. Thank you for the support.