Vehicle Plate Change

50.00 USD

Package Description

Purchase this package to have our admins update one of your vehicles license plates to a new 8 character plate. The new plate must be numbers and letters only and can contain 1 space. 

Every player is limited to 1 plate change every 30 days. We cannot make exceptions for this as our admin tool will not proceed if it has been less than 30 days since your last custom plate change. If you purchase this package and you are within the 30 day window, you will have to wait until that window has passed before redeeming. Our admins can tell you how long it has been. This is an account wide restriction and applies to all characters you have created. All vehicles maintain a plate change history in the database, so using this to avoid any sort of crime will not be possible.  All plates must be unique across the entire city and our admin tool will not save the update if the plate is already taken. Our admin team has the full discretion to deny your new plate text for any reason but will work with you to find an alternative should this happen.

After purchasing this package, please open a Tebex Purchase Redemption ticket in Discord and provide us with the Tebex transaction number, the old plate, and the new plate for the vehicle. We will do our best to update the plate for you in a timely manner.  Thanks for the support!