Consumable Addition


Package Description

Purchase this package to request up to 6 new consumable (food/drink) items for the city. If requested, these items can be locked to secret item recipes and can be obtained strictly at a business of your choice. These items will only replenish hunger/thirst, lower stress, or contribute to the drunken stat. Items can not provide any speed or running boost or any other buff. Items may not be illegal or otherwise contribute to crime in the city.

Please provide our admin team with 256 x 256 pixel transparent PNG images of your items with no shadows or outlines. Images must appear as they would in real life (or 3d rendered) and may not have filters or styling that makes them appear otherwise.

Please allow up to a month for our design/development team to implement this request.

After purchasing this package, please open a Tebex Purchase Redemption ticket in Discord and provide us with the Tebex transaction number and the image asset download URLs or files. We will do our best to add it for you in a timely manner. Thank you for the support.