Map File Addition


Package Description

Purchase this package to request a new MLO (map file) for the city. You will save $25 on this one-time purchase compared to having two months of Legend backer.

We ask that you only submit MLO files with your request and no YMAP or Menyoo maps. Map files must be acquired directly from the designer and or an official mod website. This ensures that the files are the latest version and support is provided should there be an issue with the files.

This package covers the development time spent optimizing the MLO textures, occlusion & collision files, any conflicting map files, third-party license setup and configuring it to be compatible with our server framework. Our developer will work with you 1 on 1 to make sure a compatible file is selected.

Your MLO request will cover the cost of a new Housing Location or new Business Location and will be for purchase within 1-3 weeks. We typically complete these requests on a bi-weekly basis.

Your house/business will be appropriately priced based on surrounding residential prices and you must use your in-game funds to purchase the property. This MLO housing interior will not be shared by other players (unless you add them to your family) nor will they be able to purchase the home unless you forfeit or lose the home due to non-payment.

After purchasing this package, please open a general ticket in Discord and provide us with the Tebex transaction number and the requested vehicle download URL or files. We will do our best to add this vehicle for you in a timely manner.  Thank you for the support.