Business Location

50.00 USD

Package Description

Purchase this package to choose an unoccupied and unused commercial location in-game and have it created as an available business location with first right to purchase. This DOES NOT include the addition of any MLO or map file and is meant to be used for existing GTA storefronts, buildings, business dwellings with or without interiors, etc. Businesses will be appropriately priced based on other business prices and you must use your in-game funds to purchase the property.

Our developer will coordinate with you to set up the business for purchase. All business rules and specifications apply. Our admin team has the right to refusal on all business locations and types depending on their determination of balance or direction of the server. We will work with you to find alternatives should this happen.

Purchase this package to add door locks to any business, walk-in house, or to add an alpha-numeric passcode to any physical doors, gates, etc. Please limit this request to 3 doors and 1 location in the city. If it is a business or walk-in house, the door locks will be accessible by all employees/family members and the owner. If it is a passcode lock, all players will have access assuming they know the passcode. Passcodes must be reset by admins and therefore any subsequent passcode resets will require an additional purchase of this package to pay for an admins time resetting the code.

Our developer will also set up these locks on all exterior doors if you would like them.

Please allow up to a week for our design/development team to implement this request.

After purchasing this package, please open a Tebex Purchase Redemption ticket in Discord and provide us with the Tebex transaction number. We will do our best to create the business for you in a timely manner.  Thanks for the support!