Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I not have my Discord role yet?

Please allow for up to 5-10 minutes for your role to be added to your Discord account after purchase. Also, you can run the !tebex:claim command in Discord to manually sync your Tebex role. If you have additional questions, please contact RedrumRP support through our RedrumRP Discord #questions channels. You can also open a support ticket in the #open-a-ticket Discord channel.

How do I cancel my subscription?

For a cancellation link, please reference the email titled "Your subscription with RedrumRP" that you received when signing up.

How do I upgrade my subscription

It's very simple to upgrade. Add the next tier package to your cart and when you check out, you pay the difference from your current tier.  You will then have an additional bill date added on top of your first bill date. The first bill date will be your first tier and its full amount and the second bill date will be the date on which you upgraded in the amount of the difference from the first tier. Canceling either package will cancel your backer status entirely.

When will I be billed again for my subscription?

Subscriptions auto-renew one month from the date of purchase.

Can I receive a refund?

All backer memberships, subscriptions, donations, and purchases are final. Players who receive a ban for any reason are also ineligible for a refund. All players agree to the rules listed on and management has full discretion over all bans.

I have a question that is not covered on this page, what do I do?

If you have additional questions, please contact RedrumRP support through our RedrumRP Discord #questions channels. You can also open a support ticket in the #open-a-ticket Discord channel. If you are not a member on the RedrumRP discord and need support or have received a ban, please join the Ban Appeal Discord and follow instructions there.

Patreon Questions

What happened to Patreon and what will happen to the perks that I previously subscribed for?

We have switched to this new system for monthly memberships called Tebex. You are welcome to maintain your current Patreon subscription to obtain the Patreon exclusive merchandise listed at this link, but we will not be accepting any new Patreon subscriptions going forward. All new subscriptions should be placed through this website ( going forward. All Patreon Discord roles and stipend perks will remain intact until you cancel on the Patreon website. We will not be issuing any refunds on Patreon. If you have already cancelled on Patreon ahead of the end of your Patreon subscription end date, you can resume it free of charge through their website. That said, you will need to purchase a new package on the Tebex system at its full purchase price regardless of when you cancel on Patreon. Our recommendation is to wait until the last day of your Patreon subscription if you wish to transfer to Tebex. 

Why are we using Tebex instead of Patreon?

First and foremost, the Tebex system provides you with the ability to have month-to-month subscriptions that bill on the date of purchase and exactly one month after going forward. No more of the 1st of the month Patreon billing non-sense. Secondly, monthly fees (every provider has them) will go to supporting FiveM instead of Patreon. This is great considering Patreon did little to nothing to help us with issues and chargebacks. In fact, Tebex covers all chargebacks and provides next day support via email. Patreon, often times didn't even respond to support emails. Much more information about Tebex and the FiveM partnership can be found here.

How do I transfer my subscription from Patreon to Tebex?

  1. Hover over your profile image on in the top right to open the "User menu."
  2. From the drop-down user menu, click "Manage memberships."
  3. On your "Active memberships" page. Click the "Edit" link next to the RedrumRP membership you want to cancel future payments for.
  4. You'll land on the familiar payment confirmation page. Scroll down and click the "Edit or Cancel Payment" link directly under the update button.
  5. Click the option to Cancel Payment and click the "Cancel" button to confirm. 
  6. Subscribe to a package on this new Tebex system by clicking here.